here is a breathtaking thriller on Ray play with an excellent cast

It is available on Ray play, within a vast catalog, a film made in Italy perfect for busy movie lovers, featuring a great cast and an intriguing storyline. The story is full of action, and derives from a novel, although the director is Italian, the production is English.

All about the film by director Di Stefano

Famous for directing Escobar, Andrea Di Stefano is the mind behind this great filmwhich features casts of A-list actors, to mention a few: Ana de Armas, Joel Kinnaman and Clive Owen. Moreover, the film is characterized by the intervention of the artist Common.

The setting of the film is able to take the viewer back to the middle of the 70s, where the police and secret services are committed to fighting crime, but the distance between Italian and American cinema is possible. The director is committed to paying close attention to the psychological aspect of the characters, giving an introspection that is present throughout the film, creating a feeling of indecision.

The story delves into the relationship between American crime and justice, study the minds behind the American gangs that created the myth of American slums, then filmed in many films.

The focus is not only on the culprits, but also on the dark sides of the FBI and American law, analyzing prison rules, laws, and the lives of those who end up in prison. This thriller will manage to fully capture your attention, proving to be innovative and unpredictable.

This choice is perfect if you want to enjoy a dynamic movie on rai play!

What is The Informer about, information about the plot and the theme of the film

The protagonist is a former soldier named Peter, who ends up in prison due to a fight, while trying to protect his wife. The FBI then intervenes, offering him immediate freedom, but Peter in exchange will have to join them, acting in secret. His mission is to get rid of one of the most feared assassins in the United States: one of Poland’s mafia bosses, responsible for large drug markets.

The story focuses on the development of the ex-soldier’s dangerous missionwho will find himself in adrenaline-pumping situations, in which he will risk his life, being a spy, who could always be framed, it will be difficult to keep his true identity covered.

The underworld is at the center of this film, and our Pete will have to complete his tasks, without losing his life. Are you curious to find out in which rounds the protagonist will be involved, what is hidden behind the famous drug dealer, will justice be able to triumph?

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