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Buying Rolex is certainly one of the synonymous gestures of a certain status-symbol and a certain exclusivity. There are many people who try to buy one at a low price to make a bargain, to try to grab an important object at a low price. Is it worth doing?

Knowing the Rolex market well could in fact lead to the opposite conclusion. Paying little for such a watch could represent a risk much more than an opportunity. Estimates regarding these watches are made by serious professionals, and the second-hand market may not be the source of savings that everyone expects. Let’s find out why.

Cheap Rolex: is it worth buying?

Buying Rolex at a low price is a dream for many. However, expert jewelers remind all buyers that Rolexes are considered precious objects and subject to real investments. So what does it mean to find a cheap Rolex? In all likelihood, these are objects that have suffered a fate that is “not very advisable” for a Rolex. That is, you could find yourself in front of a scam, or a watch that has passed through many hands, and therefore too worn and devoid of its original value.

In both cases, maximum attention must be paid. Obviously a fake Rolex is considered a much greater danger than a worn Rolex. In the first case it would be the buyer himself to run the risk of a purchase with a disproportionate price: you can spend a few thousand euros, but for an object that could be worth a few dozen.

Pre-owned Rolex: the answer you don’t expect

If you are looking for a Rolex on the second-hand market, you might not expect the fact that Rolexes tend to appreciate over time. If they are intact, complete with warranty and box, these watches end up gaining value over time, instead of losing them. And this can lead to having to spend more than budgeted to grab an item that already has an owner.

So is it better to get a new one? For many reasons, yes. You would find there a unique object that is likely to increase in value. Of course, you will need to spend more than you would have budgeted for, looking for a cheap used Rolex. Sometimes, however, the risks of finding something very different from what you are looking for in your hands deserve a new and more careful evaluation. Attention also to the models, however: a used Cellini, an AirKing or a DateJust will cost less than a Submariner, and even less than a Daytona.


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