Here is the best camera under the screen from Xiaomi!

Xiaomi is not idle – the manufacturer is working on improving the sub-screen camera, which will offer a resolution of over 20 MP. Will Xiaomi be the first brand to create a camera under the screen that will match the quality of the cutouts?

The selfie camera hidden under the screen is a solution that is slowly beginning to appear in more and more smartphones. These are still exceptions on the market, but there will be more of them in the coming months:

New Pixel with a camera under the screen? Look, it looks phenomenal!

They have already shown their proposals so far ZTE, Samsung or Xiaomi. The latter is currently working on improving the sensor so that it can offer even better quality.

Xiaomi with the best camera under the screen?

Xiaomi has so far in its portfolio the Xiaomi Mix 4 smartphone, which has already been equipped with a sub-screen camera with a resolution of 20 MP. This is the best selfie camera of this type so far that has appeared on the market. For comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 only received a camera with a resolution of 4 MP, and it does not enjoy a good reputation.


Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 / photo. Xiaomi

As it turns out, the Chinese manufacturer is already working on a new technology of sub-screen cameras that will offer a much denser number of pixels with resolution higher than 20 MP. This is to allow the quality of cameras hidden in notch and cutouts to be equal.

The new technology uses an improved pixel arrangement scheme and a newly developed circuit design that conceals components under RGB sub pixels. This will increase the light transmittance in the area of ​​the camera – a good way to solidly improve quality.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not reveal too many details about the new solution yet. It is also not known when Xiaomi will present the latest technology.

However, we can bet that it will appear in Xiaomi Mix 5, which has already revealed some important details about itself in recent days:

If this is really the specification of the Xiaomi Mix 5, we will get the most flagship flagship


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