Here is the best country in Europe to move to if you want to change your life in September

Answering those who ask us which is the best country to move to in September, immediately after the holidays, is not easy. The reason? Well, let’s say the answer depends on a lot of factors. And we should combine them, put them together according to what we want and what we expect from a transfer.

Normally, however, we know that the first thing you look for in a new country are job opportunities. A higher salary, or one that can be obtained more easily.

Then there is the habitability, the ease in finding work, home and leisure opportunities. But there is also another interesting element for anyone who wants to move: proximity. Going to the other side of the world (Australia, New Zealand or Japan, for example) inevitably means returning home with difficulty, and with huge expenses.

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In short, this ideal country must be close, full of job opportunities, high salaries, leisure at hand and possibly it must be possible to reach it in a short time, as well as with a small expense. But does it really exist? Of course yes.

According to all the rankings drawn up in recent months (but already starting a few years) the country in question is Ireland. It has experienced a massive technological boom, with a corresponding increase in salaries. But it is also a place within the European Union, it is dynamic, young and can be reached with a simple low cost flight.

Immediately after Ireland, however, there is Switzerland. Salaries, on average, are also very high here. Even more so than in and around Dublin. But on average the entertainment and nightlife are less attractive, and there is always the fact that the Swiss Confederation is not part of the EU, even though it is much closer to Italy than Ireland.

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