here is the best lemon cake recipe according to 750g readers

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Do you like lemon cakes? Discover the best 750g recipe voted for by Internet users, rated 4.8/5!

Ultra-gourmet and comforting, lemon cake is a snack essential. Children and adults love it especially if the cake is very soft and melts in the mouth. Inspired by yogurt cake, this lemon dessert recipe is super easy to make and was also acclaimed by 750g readers who gave it a score of 4.8/5. To concoct it, nothing could be easier: you will only need a few simple and inexpensive ingredients and no baking utensils are required, not even a scale! Here is the list of ingredients and preparation steps to easily reproduce it.

The list of ingredients

To make this cake for 8 people, you will need:
3 eggs
2 pots of sugar
2 jars of cornstarch
1 yogurt
1 lemon
1 pot of flour
½ pot of oil
1 packet of dry yeast

Preparation steps

Mix the yogurt, sugar and eggs in a salad bowl.
Wash the yogurt pot and use it to measure the other ingredients in the recipe.
Add the pots of flour and cornstarch to the previous preparation, the sachet of yeast and the oil then mix again.
Finely grate the zest of a lemon and squeeze out the juice.
Add the juice and zest to the mixture.
In a buttered and floured mold, pour the dough and cook until…

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