Here is the bunch of keys scam: so thieves rob us on the street

Criminals are constantly looking for new ways to scam people and it is mainly the elderly who end up in the network. The commitment of the police to vanquish those who are the perpetrators of such scams and, often, they are real organized gangs in order to plan and execute the scams to the detriment of citizens. Strip the news for over thirty years it has been at the service of citizens to unmask whoever is behind these illegal and irregular operations and in recent days it has brought out a new type of he consreported by viewers, who informed the drafting of a new method to cheat.

It is defined as “bunch of keys scam“and its mechanism is also quite simple. The criminals pretend to have found a bunch of keys on the ground and, with this stratagem, they manage to distract the chosen victim while, perhaps, he finds himself getting in his car. The victims women are preferred in this kind of scam: in fact, the trick is used to make an accomplice, quickly, take the bag just placed inside the vehicle. Although apparently it may seem a simple and ineffective scam, in In reality, the police have shown that it has an excellent percentage of success.In addition to targeting women, the criminals focus their attention on the elderly, who are the ones with the least alert reflexes and easier to rob.

And it is precisely to show and to warn the viewers, that the satirical program of Canale5 has decided to replicate the scenes using some actors who have mimicked the scam. The goal is to show the public what happens when you end up being the victim of such a scam so that you can recognize it and take precautions. The “bunch of keys scam” is added to that of the sheet of paper or the jacket, two other well-known tricks that allow victims to be stolen with ease.

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