Here is the camper that can be mounted on any car, it is not cluttered and costs like a motorcycle

Motorhomes usually cost a lot. But new ideas abound lately, and so here are the foldable and towable campers, much cheaper than those we are used to, but just as comfortable.

They are motorhomes that we can all afford. The new Aliner Evolution, for example, costs only $ 21,000, which is just under $ 20,000. And second-hand – even more disconcerting – you can easily pay 12 thousand in excellent condition.

In short, a gigantic difference with campers of 60,000 euros, or even 90,000 euros, which objectively put all of us in front of a choice: buy a camper (perhaps by taking out a mortgage) or buy a house? Because the prices, on closer inspection, are similar.



The new Aliner has a solid, stable shape that gives the idea of ​​its use: adventure. It sleeps comfortably in two, has air vents, a large relaxation area with table and chairs, lots of space for luggage, but also for a small fridge, for the stove, for camping tools and everything you need to create – once parked – a veranda worthy of a real home.

The cost of the Aliner Evolution, however, is what sets it apart from every other option. Motorhomers and enthusiasts know it well: a solid motorhome, even if it is a “trailer” model, is very rare at these prices.

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