Here is the cheese that does not raise cholesterol and strengthens the bones

There are about 2 thousand types of cheese, of which 400 are Italian, and all are obtained with the same cheese-making process.

The cheeses are divided into various categories based on 3 specific criteria: water content, technology and temperature of the curd and aging.


In supermarkets nowadays, in any season, there are all types of Italian and foreign cheeses.

Here is the cheese that does not raise cholesterol and strengthens the bones

There are many nutritional properties of cheese. For example, the presence of B vitamins, saturated fat, calcium, phosphorus and proteins. Moreover, thanks to the presence of calcium, cheese is useful for the bones.

But calcium isn’t only found in dairy products. In fact, in a recent article we listed which other foods calcium can be found in and the health risks if this essential substance is missing.

In particular, there is a type of cheese that even eaten in small quantities seems to help not to raise cholesterol and strengthen bones. This is the Jarlsberg, a Norwegian cheese.

In fact, some research seems to suggest that this cow cheese contributes to increasing levels of osteocalcin, a hormone associated with strong bones and teeth.

The researchers looked at 66 healthy women to find out. They were proposed to add 57 grams of Jarlsberg cheese or 50 grams of Camembert to their diet. All for 6 weeks.

Both cheeses are very similar to each other for the nutritional content of fats and proteins. However, Jarlsberg compared to Camembert contains vitamin K2. But not only. Blood tests would have shown high levels of osteocalcin.

Furthermore, always the blood tests, would have shown that the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) had decreased.

The conclusions reached by the researchers are very interesting. So much so that he suggested to nutritionists to include this type of cheese in the diet against osteoporosis.

Bacterium against osteoporosis

It seems that within this type of cheese there is a bacterium that counteracts the reduction of bone density, namely osteoporosis.

It is the bacterium (Proprionebacterium freudenreichii) that produces MK-9- (4H) or a substance called DHNA. It would be this that counteracts the reduction of bone density and increasing the tissue and consequently the ostecalcin.

In addition, Jarlsberg could also prevent metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, for researchers. But, they add, more tests would be needed to confirm this.

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