Here is the country where everyone earns more than € 5,000 a month, if you want to change your life from September

If, in September or October, we decide to move to another country, where should we go? Yes, in short, the question would be: which country to choose? And it seems like a difficult question, but by the end of this article you will have not only the answer, but also quite clear ideas.

We assume that you usually move to work and therefore to make a career and, consequently, also to earn more. For this reason, a clue as to where to go in September comes from the rankings of the countries that offer the highest salaries.

In Europe we are talking about Ireland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, but also Holland, Norway, Denmark and England (in all these countries there are dozens of professions, even very common, paid over 70 thousand euros per year). On the other hand, if we look at the whole world, things change: to earn more in the short term, the best country in the world is Singapore.

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The small Asian country not only offers, on average, wages that can compete with Swiss ones, but it offers them immediately. Even to those who have recently come to work. Here, then, that if our goal is to earn as much as possible in the short term, well, it is to Singapore that we should go.

Of course, Singapore is especially attractive for those who work in certain specific sectors: the financial one, that of banks and credit institutions, but there is no shortage of opportunities even for those who manage other types of companies. Certainly, however, we are talking about specialized jobs. For those less skilled, however, the best salaries are found in Denmark, Australia and Norway.

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