Here is the first image of the electric Volvo EX90: it will take cars to a new level of safety

In the last few years Volvo has made great strides towards zero emissions. It started by improving the energy efficiency of its offices, and then moved on to new products in the range. At the moment there are two electric cars on the list, the XC40 Recharge and the C40 Rechargebut the destiny of the brand to become 100% electric.

As for the flagship of the house, the XC90for the moment there is only one version plug-in hybrid, but we already know that this too will switch to electric. What was not known, however, is that the car will change identity, becoming EX90as unveiled today by Volvo.

Volvo EX90

With the digital rendering you see above, we discover the silhouette for the first time, but for the first real images we will have to wait for the final presentation, which will take place in a few weeks. The EX90 will stand out above all for the qualitative leap in the field of road safety, thanks to a lot of technology used for ADAS.

Volvo describes the EX90 systems as “an invisible security shield“, which will be based on the inevitable video cameras, on the radar, but with the addition of LiDAR. All this, together with the Volvo calculation platform, will allow you to recreate the surrounding environment at 360 degrees with maximum precision, so much so that the Swedish house is unbalanced, and estimates that there may be a 20% reduction in serious accidentsand an overall reduction in accidents of 9%.

For all other specifications we will have to wait for the autumn presentation, scheduled for November 9th.

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