Here is the first terrible consequence of the war | another state is exploding

Here is the first (terrible) consequence of the war: another state is “exploding”, it is total revolt (Thursday 12 May 2022)
What do Putin and Greta have to do with each other? In theory, nothing, apart from having been, albeit in a very different way, protagonists of the recent chronicles. In practice they are both of indirect origin from the revolt that in Sri Lanka forced Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to resign, and continues to set fire to the country. Not in a metaphorical sense since the ex-premier’s family home was set on fire; those of various ministers; the monument to Mahinda’s father and brother Gotabaya, who is president; the car of number two from the Sri Lankan police inspector general Deshabandu Tennakoon, who was also not burned and could only be hospitalized because the police scattered the rowdy by shooting in the air. UNDER SIEGE The goal from the revolt not …Read on liberoquotidiano


twittertraversion : here is the lineup of the first semifinal of #Eurovision #fromTurinwithLove – reportrai3 : Here is what you will see in the next episode of #Report: from the Donbass, to the soft power of the Kremlin to the question of… – The print : Good morning! Here is the front page of today, 10/05/2022. Updates on – Salrez77 : RT @ 20thCenturyIT: Here you are Christian Bale, John David Washington and Margot Robbie in the first image taken from ‘Amsterdam’ written and by… – ikiorog : if the sanremo festival were to one day take inspiration from eurovision and end before midnight here … –

What remains of Allen Ginsberg

… the poems of 1996 – 1997 are missing, because Ginsberg himself oversaw the choice for two years first from … Here you areeven that book should be translated Ginsberg never became a weather vane, he never …

Fedor the prof – soldier giving lecture on video from the Donbass trenches

The silent resistance not to go to the Steel and mines front, there the Donbass treasure that … first of the war was the most passionate popularizer of Transcarpathia, the wonderful …

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Elettra Lamborghini, a wax statue at the Madame Tussauds museum: it is the first in Italy

Elettra Lamborghini at Madame Tussauds: why her. But why was Elettra Lamborghini chosen? Elettra Lamborghini posing next to her wax copy. . In Amsterdam Elettra Lambo …

Fedor the soldier-teacher giving lectures on video from the Donbass trenches

KIEV – The teacher does not miss a lesson. Phone in hand, gun on his shoulder, head down in the trenches: “Good morning, guys.” Good morning to you, Fedor Fedorovich Shandor. From the first line of the Donbass, ins …

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