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A dazzling smile is undoubtedly an enviable business card, regardless of the type of social context: white teeth immediately give the impression of care and cleanliness, and are now part of a real standard of beauty but also of appearance.

The health of the teeth is a real problem for many due to the huge number of factors that can compromise their well-being, even causing a bad external appearance. Not only excessively refined and sugary food, but also smoke, alcohol but also trivially the intensive consumption of foods that stain the enamel. What in dentistry (called bleaching (“professional” stain removal)) performed with dedicated chemical agents is the most technologically advanced variant of the natural remedies known for some time for teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening: this is the foolproof method that everyone uses

Current dental care is not an absolute novelty, given that white teeth have always been synonymous with beauty: numerous natural substances allow effective whitening of the enamel but it is good to specify that the effects begin to be evident only after several applications.

Teeth whitening

Sodium bicarbonate, the same used to improve digestive health once diluted in water, is one of the main natural whiteners in nature: just add a few drops of water to a minimum amount of bicarbonate to obtain a paste with a suitable consistency. to be brushed on the teeth, especially if a few drops of lemon are added to it.

It is sufficient to wash with this mixture once a week, making sure to rinse thoroughly at the end of the operation. Any residual bicarbonate, as well as excessive quantities of the mixture can damage the enamel of the teeth, compromise the natural balance of the bacterial flora, up to the bleeding of the gums. Although this treatment is effective, it does not replace the professional one and is not recommended in the presence of dentin and root cement exposed after dental work.

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