Here is the iPhone SE 2022. Inside the high school, outside the museum

Are you waiting for a refreshment of your compact and cheap Apple smartphone? Then wait – the iPhone SE 2022 promises to be really disappointing. It will hardly differ from the 2020 model.

iPhone SE has always been the cheapest way to own a new Apple model and not spend a fortune on it. This will also be the case in 2022 and in Cupertino they will probably have to really lower their prices, because next year’s model looks extremely pale. The real novelty that we are going to see in 2o23 is another thing – this one is much more interesting.

In 2022, we are supposed to see only a cosmetic refreshment of the iPhone SE 2020 – so small that owners of the old model basically have nothing to look for here. The amount of operating memory will not change – it is still 3 GB, which even for Apple in 2022 will be rather disappointing.

The screen should also be exactly the same, and thus – the design. The 4.7-inch matrix certainly has its supporters and I understand that. The problem is that compared to the iPhone 13 Mini, it is not possible to fit a larger battery here, so the smartphone will again offer hopeless working time. It can be even worse, because inside there will be a top 5G processor.

iPhone SE

photo: Jon Prosser & RendersbyIan

iPhone SE 2023 may be what fans of inexpensive phones from Apple are waiting for

It looks like 2023 will bring us a bigger iPhone SE. I assume that it can be heavily based on the iPhone 13 Mini or iPhone 12 Mini – here the only difference will be cameras. It’s a pretty cool decision – 4 GB RAM, a new processor and compact dimensions can attract exactly the same user that Apple has been targeting since the very beginning of the series.

We still know relatively little about the iPhone SE and it’s hardly surprising – after all, it will only be a cosmetic refreshment. If you expect a bit more from your smartphone, then the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will be much more interesting for you. You will learn everything about them in our summary of leaks so far.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. Everything we already know before the premiere – a 48 MP camera, titanium housing and a new model


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