Here is the Italian dream city where living in smartworking costs nothing

For those who work remotely, the ideal is to live in a place where their purchasing power is maximum. Let’s take a practical example: for those who earn 1900 euros a month, living in a city where rent, bills, food and miscellaneous expenses are spent 1800 euros means being able to save only 100 euros a month. A pittance. Living in a city where, on the other hand, life costs around 750 euros a month, it means that 1050 euros remain in your pocket every month.

For this reason, more and more workers who do smart working – that is, who, for various reasons, can avoid going to the office – leave the big cities, especially the more expensive ones, such as Rome and Milan. But what is the alternative?

The alternatives in Italy are many. There are dozens and dozens of very cheap centers, but for those who want to avoid the villages and still live in the city the best idea is Caltanissetta, in Sicily: that is the city with the lowest rents in Italy.


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The website writes that in Caltanissetta, on average, rents cost 4.19 euros per square meter. It means being able to rent a large house of 100 square meters for only 419 euros. In Rome and Milan, with the same amount, it is difficult to find even a single room of 15 square meters.

In addition to Caltanissetta there are many other cities with low rents in Italy, but the Sicilian one is beautiful, has over 60,000 inhabitants, is famous all over the world and offers excellent services. As a couple, then, you can pay less than 190 euros each for a large house.

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