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Me too’EURas well as the Lira and the Pound, holds numerous specimens that have a mind-boggling value. As many of you already know, we of 4Fan.itwe love to find the more beautiful coins and analyze its characteristics; therefore, in the next few lines, we will do a sort of ranking of the 2 € pieces with the highest value. To begin with, we would like to point out that even outside this list there may be numerous valuable specimens; perhaps due to malformations of the coin or others minting errors. The coins we are talking about today, on the other hand, have value in that commemorative coin minted in a few copies, therefore, as the most experienced will already know, rarer to find in circulation.

Our ranking

The first € 2 we want to tell you about, are those commemorative of the Treaty of Rome. They were minted between 2007 and 2008 and, for this very reason, there are few specimens. I’m very easy to recognizeon the side opposite to that of the value, in the center is located an open book. Outside the book, above the arch is the writing “Treaties of Rome 50th anniversary“; below, however, the words “ITALIAN REPUBLIC“. Theirs value hovers between 500 and 700 €.

Now let’s move on to 2 € commemorative of the Monetary Economic Unionalso known as 2 € EMU. This coin, in particular, was not minted only in Italy but even in several EU states. Very easy to recognize, this coin features the design of a stick man (the classic stickman of the hangman game so to speak) with side by side the Euro symbol. Coined in “suns” 2 million piecesits value at an auction house could easily reach i € 1000.

A last noteworthy example are the 2 € commemorative dedicated to the actress and Princess Grace Kelly. They were minted in 2007 on the occasion of 25th anniversary of his untimely deathand have, as a representation, that of face in profile of the much loved Princess. Only € 2,000 exemplary were produced, this leads the coin to reach an incredible figure of 2500 € of value.

You just have to check your wallet and find out if by chance one of these coins it is already in your pocketremember, though, that to have great value too the conditionsi will have to be optimal, a worn and damaged coin can never cost as much as one in brilliant uncirculated.

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