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From 1 August the fixed speed camera will be operational in sanctioning mode in the territory of the Municipality of Lacco Ameno. The Municipal Police of Lacco Ameno announces that from midnight on Monday 1 August next the new fixed speed camera will be active in sanctioning mode, located on Via Litoranea EX SS 270 at Km 25+381 in the Lacco Ameno area. The device, announced by special warning signs and light signals, will affect both the lane in the direction of Casamicciola Terme and the opposite one in the direction of Lacco Ameno-centro. The installation procedures of the speed camera by the specialized company, in fact, have finished in recent days and the structure is already visible, along the road. The control activity, using approved and calibrated equipment, will be carried out in full compliance with the current provisions of the highway code and the DM 15/08/2007 and falls within the full organizational autonomy of this Command, according to the ordinary operational models.

The stretch of road involved was in the past the scene of serious road accidents, therefore, this intervention is based on road safety reasons, with the intention of reducing the accident rate of the stretch in question, to guarantee safety of motorists in transit, also in view of the considerable increase in traffic in the summer period. These are “fixed two-way” speed cameras, in operation for all 24 hours, both day and night without the presence of agents, which will only and exclusively detect violations relating to exceeding the maximum speed limit permitted on this road of 50 km/h. The speed detected, pursuant to art. 345 of the implementing regulation of the Highway Code, is always reduced by 5% and in any case by a minimum of 5 km/h. Given that in just two days of tests and inspections, the system has detected over 1,000 infringements for exceeding the maximum speed limit, for appropriate information, the penalties established by the Highway Code for vehicles exceeding the maximum speed limit are recalled below. speed: art. 142 paragraph 7, exceeding the limit up to 10 km/h (from 51 to 60 km/h) within 5 days of notification of the report € 29.40 (during the night at 10.07 pm, € 39.20) up to 60 days from the notification of the report € 42.00 (at night time 10.07 pm, € 56.00) over 60 days from the notification of the report € 86.50 (at night time 10.07 pm, € 115.33) points deduction – not provided accessory sanctions – not foreseen; art. 142 paragraph 8, exceeding the limit by more than 10 km/h but not more than 40 km/h (from 61 to 90 km/h) within 5 days of notification of the report € 121.10 (at night time 10.07 pm, € 161 ,47) up to 60 days from notification of the report € 173.00 (at night time 10.07pm, € 230.67) over 60 days from notification of the report € 347.00 (at night time 10.07pm, € 462, 67) deduction of points – POINTS 3 accessory sanctions – not foreseen. NB FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE THE DRIVER’S DATA, WITHIN 60 DAYS OF NOTIFICATION OF THE REPORT, IN ACCORDANCE WITH ART. 126.BIS OF THE HIGHWAY CODE THE ADDITIONAL PECUNIARY ADMINISTRATIVE SANCTION FROM € 291.00 TO € 1,166.00.




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