here is the video of the proposal and the beautiful ring

A long journey of candles, a beautiful metaphor for the whole journey we have made together. Today Ignatius Moser And Cecilia Rodríguez they are a beautiful couple and soon will be husband and wife.

Ignazio Moser’s romantic marriage proposal: the video

To ask him to marry him, Ignazio filled the garden with many candles, thus forming a line to follow and many romantic hearts. She said yes! “I can’t wait to live you for life!” Ignazio wrote accompanying the video on Instagram.

The rumors about the alleged pregnancy of Cecilia Rodriguez

The proposal comes only a few days after the denial of Cecilia Rodriguez’s alleged pregnancy. After the last red carpet done together with Ignazio, many had noticed a bulge in the dress and immediately the rumor spread that it was a “suspicious tummy”. To clarify things, C thought about ithi Magazine: the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini reached out to some people close to the couple who confirmed that, at least for now, there is no stork on the way. It was just a reflection due to a fold in the dress.

Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez have expressed their desire to become parents on several occasions. However, it seems that the right time has not yet arrived. Meanwhile they think about marriage.

Photo: LaPresse

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