Here is the Volkswagen camper as spacious as a house but at the price of a motorcycle

Buying a camper can be a major obstacle, especially for a detail that is as obvious as it is difficult to deal with: its cost, which can range from 25,000 euros up to 75,000 euros for the more standard models and exceed 100,000 euros for models. more equipped.

Yet with some precautions it is possible to have a large, spacious and in excellent condition motorhome for less than 20 thousand euros. How? Let’s start with guaranteed used vehicles, and let’s rely on a brand like Volkswagen, which enjoys an excellent reputation on this. Well, now we have to choose the model.

One of the best is the Winnebago Rialta: large and very comfortable spaces, excellent quality and a slightly bizarre shape. The driver’s cabin is in fact small, but then the rear space of the camper is expanding, and so the square meters of the camper, in their entirety, are almost those of the largest campers, the XXL models. The strange shape distinguishes it from any other model, yet it remains valuable to the eye.

winnebago rialta

Winnebago Rialta

What about the costs? This is the strong point of the camper in question: second-hand it can also be found for less than 15 thousand euros. Production, which began in 1995, stopped in 2005 and from then on everyone would like a Rialta Winnebago. The reason, simply, is that the quality-price ratio is among the best ever.

Another advantage of this model, in addition to the savings (it costs half as many campers of the same quality) are the spare parts, which are very easily found throughout Italy and the rest of Europe.

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