Here is the weirdest sound from the new Billie Eilish album. Did you recognize her dog?

Billie Eilish
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With her new album Happier Than Ever Billie Eilish has proved to her fans that she is definitely not one of the stars of one album. On the new album, the singer kept her characteristic vocal, but also introduced a lot of novelties. In search of original sounds, Billie did not stop at nothing! Now she confessed what was the weirdest sound on the album … did you recognize it?

Fans Billie Eilish They were waiting impatiently for the second album of the star. With her debut album, the singer set the bar very high – the album won the love of fans, critical acclaim and a shower of Grammy awards. Then came another song success for the new James Bond installment, No Time To Die. No wonder the appetites for the second album were very aroused.

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Billie Eilish However, we managed to rise to the occasion. IN Happier Than Ever Billie Eilish She posted nostalgic, characteristic numbers, but there were also interesting ideas like in the NDA track.


Billie Eilish recorded … her dog

Now Billie Eilish revealed what was the strangest sound that was on the disc Happier Than Ever. If any of you heard that, it’s really good! It turns out that one of the sounds comes from … the star’s dog!

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear Shark barking when he was a puppy

– she said Billie Eilish.

He used to sit outside the studio window when we recorded so he barked in the middle of the shot and we recorded it and repeated it. A little attentive sweetie

– she added.

Do you know which song Shark was in? Let me know!

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