Here is THE word that could change everything in friendship

Friendship, like love, requires its share of effort and maintenance. A friendship that lasts is based on several factors, including a very small note.

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A friendship relationship needs empathy, closeness, listening, loyalty and commitment, among other things. A famous American psychologist, Clifford N. Lazarus, raised that a word can weld the bonds of friendship and promote intimacy between two people, platonic or not.

The word that changes everything

Clifford N. Lazarus points out that one of the most effective ways to bond and encourage positivity in a relationship is to use the word “Yes” the most possible.

According to the psychologist, a large number of people use noncommittal responses when the time comes to discuss projects, outings, opportunities with loved ones. Very often, a person tends to throw “maybe”, “I’m not sure”, “we’ll see” that come out of the commitment.

He adds that “even more, many people have the default automatic answer “no”, when the time comes to ask them something.”

According to the expert, when a loved one asks for a favour, a service or any request, a simple “Yesand its equally affirmative alternatives can change everything. Unless you have an excellent reason to answer “no”, or if the request is unreasonable, it is the “Yeswhich can help to build relationships and trust.

Three tips for applying the “yes” in our friendships

Psychologist Clifford N. Lazarus adds three ways to apply the “yes” in everyday life for the most positive exchanges.

1. Say “Yes” the most possible. It does not necessarily commit you to something without exits. If you have to withdraw, it will be possible gently.

2. If you reject a request or suggestion from a loved one, offer an alternative (or even two) that will bring the two of you together at another time.

3. If you have to say no at a specific time or to a task that you cannot do at the requested time, let your loved one know when it will be possible for you.

In short, we sayYES” to our friends!

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