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By “food butterflies” we mean the Food moths also called Food moths. These are insects that infest foodstuffs and belong to the order of Lepidoptera. Their development is generally linked mainly to food substrates of vegetable origin, such as grains, flours, pasta, biscuits, cerealsspices and dried fruit.

What are Lepidoptera? Lepidoptera are holometabolous insects, i.e. insects with complete metamorphosis, whose development cycle includes the stages of egg, larva, chrysalis and adult. The larva is characterized by a narrow and long body, with three pairs of legs on the chest and five pairs of pseudo-legs on the abdomen, which give the appearance of a “caterpillar”.

The damages of food moths they are mainly caused by the activity of the larvae. Besides the “direct” damage, the “indirect” harmfulness, due to various ways of contaminating the food, is also important; sometimes this type of contamination is macroscopic, it causes obvious visual disgust which almost automatically leads to the exclusion of the infested product from food uses. From the hygienic-sanitary point of view, the negative consequences of infestations can be significant, consisting of phenomena irritative or allergic (by contact, inhalation, ingestion) at the expense of workers in charge of processing and storing the infested foodstuffs.

The larvae can also cause damage to the materials of packaging and ai packagingpiercing them with the mouth apparatus to reach the food substrate or to move away from it, when they have reached maturity. Now here are some good habits for you to adopt. Should the infestation already be in progress, it will be enough to simply adopt some simple precautions to eradicate it. It will not be an undertaking with immediate results, but it will certainly be very effective and also lasting over time:

check for possible contaminated foods. It is important to pay attention to the presence not only of adult butterflies, but also of possible larvae and eggs. The white worms, while easily camouflaged in flour, rice and sugar, are easily recognizable as they are in constant motion. To be safe, it is good to shake the package lightly a couple of times in order to highlight some specimens.

regularly inspect the pantry and from time to time empty all the shelves. Be sure to throw away the boxes left carelessly open and check meticulously the packages of dried fruit and gods legumes, between the folds and especially under the lids of the jars. As a precaution, store unopened packaging in the refrigerator or freezer for at least a couple of days.

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