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2,000 doses of vaccine are ready Jynneos. Those who have already been immunized in the past are excluded from prophylaxis. The administrations will be performed in clinics for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections

They begin monkeypox vaccinations on Wednesday 10th August (monkeypox) in Lombardy. The Region also informs that, always from 10 August, the subjects to whom the prophylaxis is recommended will be able to book
through the dedicated portal. The vaccines will be administered by the Centers for the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections of the hospitals.The doses currently made available by the Ministry of Health are 2 thousand
. Subsequently Aria (the regional company for innovation and purchases) will activate a reservation collection system in anticipation of the arrival of further vaccines.

To whom the vaccine is recommended

Before vaccination, a doctor will carry out the medical history to check if the patient has contraindications and if it falls within the requirements defined by the Ministry of Health. The vaccine offered to the laboratory staff which could be exposed to the virus ea gay, transgender, bisexual people and other men who have sex with men and who have had risky sexual behavior, such as:
– recent history with multiple sexual partners
– participation in group sex events
– participation in sexual encounters in clubs, clubs, cruising, saunas
– recent sexually transmitted infection (at least one episode in the past year)
– the habit of associating sexual acts with the consumption of chemical drugs (Chemsex). Those who have already received a smallpox vaccination are excluded from prophylaxis. Indicatively, only vaccinators under the age of 45 will be accepted.

Doses and timing of administration

It will be administered the Jynneos vaccine. There are two doses indicatively at a distance of 28 days from each other. Prophylaxis will take place in outpatient clinics for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections in hospitals. Some associations will also be involved to promote vaccination such as Lila (the Italian League for the Fight against HIV). The doses were distributed throughout the territory based on the epidemiological incidence. The Milanese hospitals will receive most of the supplies.

The epidemiological picture in Lombardy

Currently in Lombardy they have been registered 284 cases of monkeypox, 71 percent of which in the Ats Milano area. The infected are males in the vast majority of situations: 180 of them contracted the infection in the region, more than 70 elsewhere. 48 percent of patients are between the ages of 30 and 39. This is followed by the age group between 40 and 49 (28 per cent). Skin rash and fever are among the most common symptoms. Just under half of the patients also report swelling of the lymph nodes.

The information campaign

In addition to the action of prophylaxis – says the vice president and councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti – through the vaccination that will start with the first 2 thousand doses, to control the spread of infections it will be important to provide information on any risky behaviors and the precautions to be taken on an individual level. For this I thank the third sector associations involved in the Coordination Unit who provide an important wealth of experience in this field. Thanks also to the Lombardy infectious disease prevention network which promptly activated itself to monitor the spread of monkeypox, also by isolating and sequencing the virus, and which now manages the operational phase of vaccination.

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