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While inflation bites, from energy to bread, the price of fuel remains calmed by the intervention of the government, which has repeatedly reduced excise duties to keep the ceiling well below 2 euros per liter.

State intervention

Gasoline dropped to 1.70 euro liter. In reality, its price would be two euros a liter, 30 cents is put by the state on the decision of the government. Discount in force for months and until next October 17, which is allowing to avoid bloodletting at least on this front. The Draghi government has spent 60 billion so far to alleviate the blow of inflation, which travels above 8%. Despite having resigned, the executive headed by Mario Draghi seems to be willing to put his hand to the measure again.

New extension

According to the provisions of the Aid ter decree (here the draft with all the measures), there are plans to extend the intervention of the State until the end of November. At the moment the provision is in draft, so that it becomes definitive, the inter-ministerial decree is now awaited, a necessary step for the green light to arrive.

Other measures

The Executive then gave the green light to another 100 million euros to finance the contribution to cover the higher costs incurred for the purchase of fuel for powering the local and regional means of transport by road, lake, sea and rail.

A fund for the support of the road transport sector was also created with a budget of 100 million euros for 2022.

On the other hand, agricultural and fishing companies will be able to take advantage of another 190 million, available in the form of a tax credit, for the costs of agricultural diesel, transport and heating the greenhouses.

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