here’s how the actor revealed that he cut his finger

The process continues between Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heardaccused of defamation of the star de The Pirates of the Caribbean And Fantastic Beasts. In the classroom, in addition to the couple’s therapist, Depp’s doctor, Dr. David Kipper.

The man, hired in 2014 to help the actor with his opioid addiction, revealed some details of his relationship with Johnny Depp – including numerous messages that also talk about the ongoing relationship with Amber Heard. In particular, in one of these text messages Depp spoke of the famous finger of his hand that would be cut off during a fight with his ex-wife.

According to what was also declared in recent days by a spokesman for the actor, the accident occurred when the woman would throw a bottle of vodka at him, which broke when it hit Depp’s hand causing him to be cut. In March 2015, Depp wrote to Dr. Kipper: “She’s full of shit like a goose at Christmas […] She’s an evil and avenging bitch“. Then, a month later, another message in which before him he apologizes for his “wimpy” behavior, then asks: “I cut off the tip of my middle finger. What should I do? Go to the hospital? It embarrasses me that getting into something else with her” [I’m so embarrassed for jumping into anything with her, ndr].

The messages read in the classroom therefore seem to confirm the therapist’s claims in recent days. In her deposition, the doctor Laurel Anderson stated that “both have been abused in their homes, but I thought he was under control for decades. With Amber Heard it was triggered and they engaged in what I saw as mutual abuse“. These words could shift the scales in Johnny Depp’s favor in his libel suit.

On the contrary, the words of the ex-wife’s lawyer risk the image around him worse: “He pinned her against the bar. She threw several bottles at her. She dragged her to the floor where the glass was. She punched and kicked her. She told her that she was going to kill her and that she hated her. He was beating her. Then, penetrated her with a bottle of liquorHe said in the courtroom.

The trial in Virginia will continue over the next few days and according to reports CourtTVwho is following the hearings live, Johnny Depp could also go to the stand.

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