Here’s How To Get It In 10 Minutes With Just 3 Exercises

How to get flat stomach after 40?

Do you realize that the passage of time doesn’t just mean fine lines or gray hairs? Do you find it more difficult to maintain your figure? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal to not have the abs of your youth as you age.

Several factors can explain this change in silhouette. We gain weight as we age, according to a Franco-Swedish study published in Nature Medicine body fat turnover, Over time, lipid turnover decreases, which directly interferes with fat storage and elimination. But, we can also count a hormonal change, a more sedentary lifestyle or a more stressful daily life, which will increase the secretion of cortisol. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is also responsible for weight gain.

But don’t panic, this doesn’t mean you are powerless over your body. In contrast, after 40 years, it is it is quite possible to tone up and regain its former form. Just look at the dream bodies of our favorite celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, 54, Shakira, 46, Jennifer Lopez, 53. divine silhouettes they all meet with one Healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and good dose of sports.

Which sport to do to get a flat stomach?

Before you can get solid abs, there’s one thing you need to know: you’ll need to arm yourself with patience, motivation, and most of all, toughness. Because along with diet, exercise also plays an integral role in having a very flat stomach. But, be assured of one thing: no matter what your age, your efforts will eventually pay off!

and wants to prove just that Céline Roy, a former professional dancer who at 48, has an ultra-toned figure. his method? A clever mix of yoga, dance, Pilates and De Gasquet techniques. The latter, developed by Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet, is based on self-development, breathing, and Muladhara. “My method blends Strength, Flexibility and Breathing » Announces the inventor of the C Roy Method on his social networks.

It is also on Instagram that experts give a lot of advice. In between promoting her book “My Holidays with Céline Roy” and photos of her muscular body, the dancer provides tutorials in video format to 69,000 subscribers. Breathing exercises, stretching and exercises to refine the waist as well. And that’s exactly what we’ll focus on.

What exercises should be done to get a refined silhouette?

According to Céline Roy, breathing plays an important role in her method. In each muscle-strengthening exercise, she incorporates specific breathing. Its goal? Refine the size in a few weeks. To do this, she prioritizes 3 movements to integrate into her sports routine as much as possible.

Lying on your back and leaning on your elbows, the single leg stretch is a simple exercise to perform. In theory. By bringing one leg towards the bust, we will Work the deep abdominal muscles. The same muscles that support the body’s structure. According to experts, this will lift the stomach.

For work oblique muscles (on the side of your figure), the scissor exercise is perfect. This will strengthen the lower abdominal area, right where fat is stored. To do it well, we stand on the edge, we sheathe and we “beat our feet” to imitate the said scissors. To keep your pelvis in the correct position, you need to think about stretching the upper leg.

We knew the bench press, but the side press… made for those of us obliques! Always on one side, you must simultaneously lift your upper arm and your leg. We like to warn you, at this stage, it is very likely to get hot.

repeat these movements for 10 minutesAnd drink water to avoid overpowering any soreness!

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