Here’s The French Actress Who Will Play The Human Version Of The Snow Queen

Pot barbie the little mermaid Or mulan Deserved their live action, now it’s their turn Ice Queen assuming human form However, don’t be surprised if it reminds you of a Disney cartoon. The film will not be produced by the American firm, but it will pick up on some aspects of the Hans Christian Andersen story published in 1844.

Marion Cotillard: Next Ice Queen

in director Lucille Hadzhihalilovic’s version that would be called ice tower, it will no longer be Elsa, but Christina. And it is Marion Cotillard who will take on the role. The film will be set in Paris in the 70s and will see the iconic Queen and Jean face off. The latter is a young runaway orphan who has decided to rebuild himself in the capital. so she’ll be hiding in a warehouse that serves as a film set Ice Queen, Thus, he would meet Christina, an actress in her forties who “takes him under,

Ice Tower: “The story of a teenage girl entering adulthood,

ice tower So this won’t be Disney’s next live action. Film producer Muriel Merlin told Diversity He “The power dynamic between this seductive character and teenage girl will create a mirror game with the original Frozen story, He also made it clear that “IThe story of a teenage girl entering adulthood, The fiction will include some fantastic elements that will delight fans of the cartoon. If Marion Cotillard’s name has been officially announced, who will play the teenager has not yet been announced. Filming should begin in Paris in early 2024.

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