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The pasta and beans it is one of the dishes that most dominate our tables especially during the winter period. It is a food able to provide a great nutritional contribution, as it combines the carbohydrates of the pasta and the proteins of the beans. This dish assures us a full of vitamins and proteins with a very low level of fattherefore it is also suitable for those who tend to pay attention to what they eat to keep their figure.

The doctors nutritionists are true supporters of pasta and beans cooked with the old recipe of our grandparents: a dish that has always been considered poor is, in reality, rich in plant proteins that help our body to stay active. The old recipe should only be corrected on one thing, say nutritionists: the doses. We know that our grandmothers have always seen us “spoiled” and with the portions they always let themselves go: the correct portions should contain about 70 grams of pasta, preferably whole, and 30 grams of legumes.

With these quantities we will take minerals such as iron, selenium, zinc and calcium in the correct quantity so that our body is able to assimilate in the correct way. In addition to those just listed, habitually consume a plate of pasta and beans has additional benefits such as helping us fight fatigue and make us happier. Let’s see together how. It is well known that legumes are a great source of irontherefore for those suffering from anemia they are a very valuable ally to integrate iron in the body in a natural way.

Experts also recommend combining this dish with a source of Vitamin C, such as vegetables raw or a salad, so as to help our body during the absorption phase. Many to make children eat this dish, nicknamed i beans “The legumes of a good mood”: these, in fact, contain Vitamin B7 which is responsible for supporting our good mood. In addition to mental well-being, the pasta and beans it also takes care of physical well-being by helping intestinal motility thanks to the many fibers contained.

But theintestine it is only one of the many organs affected by the action of beans: another noteworthy action is carried out in the cardiovascular apartment. Beans contain particular soluble fibers that are able to counteract the so-called “bad cholesterol” or LDL. To get this particular benefit, experts recommend taking i beans azuki, as they contain flavonoids and antioxidants that help counteract it stress oxidative.

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