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Antonino Spinalbese he confessed his secret with Oriana Marzoli. The two contestants of the Big Brother VIP, after an initial sympathy, they had some bad discussions due to a few too many words that Oriana would have let slip about the confidences that the hairstylist would have made her and which concerned delicate situations with her ex Belen Rodriguez. However, Antonino had warned the Venezuelan saying that he too would have things to say and so he did.

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The secret

During the night, Spinalbese returned to talking about the alleged secret pact he would have made with Marzoli so as not to pass her off as a ‘rejected woman’: «Let’s take a girl named Oriana as an example. Just to make you understand how objective I want to be. One day she confided in me that she has never been rejected by a man and that especially on television she would never admit to being touched on that stuff. That it would bother her to take a pole on television. Yes, she confessed to me that she would never have liked this stuff that a man could say no to her ».

“Do you know what I did? Although I had already told her everything and I was clear, I made a pact. Under the sheets I said to her ‘listen, I can even lower myself to one thing, leave me, what more can I tell you?’». Antonino continued giving his point of view on the matter: «Because I know that women can have insecurities on the aesthetic side. So that’s why I told her that thing. So now even with the others here I don’t want to hurt anyone. In cases where they tell me ‘listen but do you like her?’ I say yes to all of them, even for this thing here, because it’s not nice to say no to a woman », he revealed.

About Geneva

Then he said his also on Geneva Lamborghini: «Then there is a real and effective thing with the other. We have unfinished business and I don’t think I’m a hypocrite. Until I talk well about something I don’t feel clean. If I had to ask questions on TV, I could put you in difficulty and I don’t need it. And since I love the people with whom I have relationships or relationships and I don’t want to put anyone in difficulty. If she is engaged? I wonder if she understood it. To me she actually she would interest me to connect the dots. In reality, however, I already know the dots ».

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