here’s what to do to prevent infection

Growing numbers –

Only in the last week

West Nile cases in humans have doubled

. According to the latest bulletin of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, since the beginning of June 2022 they have been confirmed

94 cases

; 55 of these occurred in the neuro-invasive form, with seven confirmed victims. The most critical data concern the Veneto: 33 cases and 5 deaths.

Avoid stings –

To limit the spread of the infection transmitted by the

“culex” mosquitoes

which have proliferated in recent months due to particularly favorable environmental and climatic conditions, the Veneto Region has addressed citizens directly with

official recommendations

. The goal is to avoid attitudes that favor the development of new insects and to reduce exposure to mosquitoes. Its sting is in fact the only mode of transmission of the virus, which

it cannot be contracted from man to man


What to do –

Shield doors and windows with

mosquito nets

metal or plastic material resistant to tight meshes, while tulle veils in cotton can be used for the protection of cots or beds. Whenever possible use the


if you do not have it, it can help to turn on

electro-emanating apparatus for liquid insecticides

or in platelets, as long as they are used in a well-ventilated environment.

When you observe mosquitoes in the house, you can instead resort to the occasional use of

commercial preparations

(cans) based on pyrethrum extract whose components degrade rapidly after the environment has been well ventilated.

How to recognize the symptoms –

Although in most cases the infection is asymptomatic, in some cases it can lead to severe neuro-invasive forms. For this it is important to contact your doctor if

the fever rises above 38.5

and joint and muscle pain, headache, confusion or rash appear.

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