Here’s What Went Wrong With Marvel’s Secret Invasion

If you thought the Marvel movies had a “Too many cooks in the kitchen” problem, well, a new challenger has emerged: Marvel’s chaotic streaming shows. In a continuation of a trend that shouldn’t surprise anyone, THR explains that original “Secret Invasion” writer Kyle Bradstreet was abruptly fired from the series (after a year of work on the scripts!) after Marvel decided to shift its creative vision for the series. So, in came new writer Brian Tucker, who received the bulk of writing credits on the finished scripts, and directors Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. The report claims that preproduction on “Secret Invasion” turned into a bloodbath of multiple different groups fighting for creative control. According to an anonymous source quoted in the article:

“It was weeks of people not getting along, and it erupted.”

With the show at risk of falling far behind schedule, to the point that certain actors would’ve had to be replaced or lost altogether due to prior commitments on other projects, the studio reportedly sent high-level executive Jonathan Schwartz (a member of the studio’s creative committee apparently called “The Parliament,” THR casually reveals) onto the set of “Secret Invasion” to help whip the production back into shape. All this supposedly took place in the summer of last year and, by September, a host of below-the-line crew members had been replaced. Casualties extended to line producers, unit production managers, assistant directors, and even Marvel executive Chris Gary, who was originally in charge of overseeing production.

Tellingly, the article also mentions that similar creative shakeups occurred on both “Moon Knight” and “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.” It’s clear that Marvel TV has bigger issues to address these days. “Secret Invasion” might not be an outlier, after all.

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