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What’s new for i ATM and therefore for those who withdraw. Institutions are now increasingly moving in the direction of eliminating ATMs, first of all due to the lack of convenience in keeping the circuit open, given that everything is now moving online, with a wide range of operations at hand. At the end of the summer, the first novelty that users will not like could be the increase in the cost of commissions.

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Furthermore, the number of branches used for ATM withdrawals is destined to further decrease. Here, too, there is a question of costs to consider: institutions are increasingly privileging the way of the web, consequently cutting the expenses destined for branches. According to reports Invest today, not everyone knows that there is a day of the week when it is not particularly convenient to make a withdrawal. A sort of “taboo day”, in which you risk ending up in a trap.

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This is the Friday, which represents the end of the working week. “This is not a reason related to the service – we read on Invest today – as to the possibility of falling victim to some unpleasant scam. On Friday, in fact, the withdrawal operation is more vulnerable to the activity of malicious people, for the simple fact that the detection of a malfunction could not be dealt with by the employees before the following Monday. A possible blocking of the card, therefore, would become a decidedly thorny situation ”.

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