‘Heroes’ Children’s Hero Movie Was Slated to Release in September 2023, but Was Scheduled to Go Silent

heroes, movie children’s heroesit promised Premiering in September 2023, would have been silent. they guarantee.

In the trailer released in July last year, Heroes (No Escape)A feature film about children’s hero from A perspective different from the official history.

Director of “Heroes” Ricardo Arnais The 49-year-old told the media that his tapes would tell the lesser-known stories of army cadets. Chapultepec Castle.

Arnaiz, best known for the animated film “La Reenda de la Nahuara”, affirms that cadets will be seen fighting not for the love of Mexico, but for the love of their brothers and friends. did.

hero, children's hero movie

hero, children’s hero movie (video capture)

Thus, the traditional narrative of Adam’s exploits collapses. children’s hero As a patriotic act during American intervention of 1847.

For that plot, heroes The film has been controversial for its trailer, with some speculating that the film went silent after two months of no communication.

But you can actually see it in cinemas. September 2023; here are the details.

hero, children's hero movie

hero, children’s hero movie (video capture)

The Hero Children movie Heroes will premiere in September 2023.Today is the day of the theatrical release

of movie hero, Yes, it will be released in cinemas.It will be displayed in Thursday, September 7thfor exclusive use of the complex Cinemax at the national level.

On the official SNS of “Heroes (No Escape)”, it was also announced that the premiere screening of this work will be held on September 4th today. Chapultepec Castle.

A possible reason why nothing is known about Ricardo Arnais’ films has to do with the fact that: There was no strong marketing by Cinemax.

Release date of the movie

Release date of the movie “Heroes the Children Heroes” (Cinemax/Facebook)

The cast of the movie “Heroes, Children Heroes”

heroes This talented cast of performers features:

  • Mike Alba Jr. (age unknown): Juan de la Barrera
  • David Duran as Francisco Marquez, age unknown
  • Andrés Vasquez, 21 as Agustín Melgal
  • Thabo Betancourt, 28 as Juan Escutia
  • Joshua Ponce de Leon, age unknown, Vicente Suarez
  • Jaime Macuedo, 16, as Fernando Montes de Oca
  • Silverio Palacios, 56, as Eusebio Lantadas
  • Gerardo Taracena, 53, Captain Alvarado
  • Mario Iván Martinez, 61: John Quitman
  • Ariel Lopez Padilla, 61 as Nicolas Bravo
  • Plutarco Haza, 51 as Jose Cuellar
  • Elaine Haro, 20, as Anna Helan
  • 17-year-old Natalia Coronado as Itzel Monterde
  • Melissa Ortega as Sister Angelina, 28
  • Paola Ramones, 22 (unknown role)

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