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Anyone who’s heard of Heroes of Might and Magic III knows how to play it, right? Click “New game”, choose the scenario, your favorite city and your favorite hero, fire up! Click, click, we are giving away gold from the boxes, because the experience we get instead of “gold” is the most important! Click, click, we travel our only hero (why do we need more?) And collect every pile of raw materials and a statistic find. We take over habitats and cities, but we do not mix the army, because it is so pretty, homogeneous, and it is a pity to spoil the morale. We invest primarily in the economic background, because before the game ends (somehow in the eighteenth month … if at all), everything will pay off for us.

This is probably what our game looks like when we choose a campaign or scenario against AI. In that case, the game player vs player cannot rely on anything else, after all, we remember it from the holdings with cousins ​​or school friends on “Hot buttocks” (this was the original translation of the name of the Hot Seats mode, do not judge). As one luminary of Polish game shows said: well, no.

Time to deal with the myths.


He goes first. Big, expensive, and notorious for the Capitol around heroes. An old guide for Heroes III advised: “Construct buildings so that you have the Capitol as soon as possible, otherwise you will not have the money to buy the troops”. The view of economy> military prevailed for a long time. Peasant logic: if this building costs 10,000 gold and gives 4,000 gold a day, it pays for itself in three days, right? Well, not really.

I will not bore you here with the calculations that others have already made before me. The fact is that even assuming we start with a built Tavern and Fort, the actual total cost of the Capitol is almost 30,000 gold. What you do not see at first glance are the costs of missed opportunities. By “rushing the Capitol”, we are losing all the options we would have had to allocate resources to the military and expansion. Maybe at least not to rush the construction of the Capitol in seven days and build it calmly? Unfortunately, there is almost never a place for it in PvP mode. Yes, it sometimes happens that the castle taken over from a computer-controlled player was already developed for the construction of the Capitol. Sometimes we play on a special template for one character (the so-called Duel, former Outcast) and such tactics make sense then – but these are all insignificant exceptions.

At the same time we build the Capitol, our intermediate opponent on a rich template like Jebus Cross may already have stats at level 30, a horde of wyverns and a group of angels under his command, and devastating spells like Implosion in the spellbook or Armageddon. I would like to point out here: an intermediate opponent, because absolute champions can have such things … already on the sixth or seventh day of the game. In PvP, the most important thing is the army. Economics is important as well, but investing in expensive buildings such as the City Hall and Capitol Building will not pay you back in a reasonably quick time. Yes, and so are the disproportionately expensive resource depots or the Treasury and Magic Pond in the Bastion. After all, in paying for the recruitment of our creatures, they can help us …

Treasure Chests

Charitable activities bring valuable experience. At least that’s the case in Heroes III, where the gold from each chest picked up from the adventure map can be given to local villagers, for which you get “exp”. This speeds up the promotion of the hero and allows you to develop his skills. But how often should we do this? Experts answer: rarely.

Now that we’ve established that you can’t rely on the income your starting town brings, then it will be best if we take the gold from the chest for ourselves. And let’s not worry about experience. We will get this in battles or in many buildings scattered around the map. On some templates we have a lot of Pandora’s Boxes, after opening which the hero will gain even several levels of experience. Therefore, the crates are allocated to the development of the army without exception. After all, the Behemoths of day three won’t buy themselves out. (Only when we want to “show off”, i.e. quickly advance the hero, and we get a lot of gold to start, it is worth taking experience).

A reader who is not sitting in PvP games will probably also be fascinated by …

The number of heroes

I myself played for several years with one or two heroes during the entire game. I hated maps where I was forced to play several at once – and I’m not the only one with those habits. Meanwhile, in PvP games, it is imperative to have a full set of (eight) heroes and heroins as soon as possible. (and additional ones hidden in cities).

While this distraction may be frightening at first, we still invest in one game early in the game and the rest help us. They also fight, especially in small battles, for which we do not need to harness our “embarrassed” hero. We will often remove useless heroes in PvP, replacing them with new ones … Grinding on some templates is almost like employees in corporations.

Speaking of combat, nothing disturbs the player’s inner sense of order in Heroes III more than …

Mixing the army

Heroes III’s art department did an excellent job with the design and color consistency of each of the nine original factions, and the HOTA Crew team (creators of the Horn of the Abyss mod) was not left behind in designing the beautiful Haven. So beautiful that one of the game’s creators, Greg Fulton, was delighted with their creation and officially admitted that it fits the old graphic style of Heroes, often exceeding it in quality. No wonder then that the sight of a mixed army (skeletons in the Castle army ?! Brrr …) makes us feel like a tight shirt.

In addition to the distorted aesthetics, the morale of our army is also spoiled. And the more factions, the greater the dissatisfaction of the soldiers – unless they are minotaurs. Or the undead, it doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, there is no place for such sentiments in PvP. One of the most important aspects of a multiplayer game is making the so-called “Banks” with units – such objects as Griffin Conservatories or Dragonfly Swarms, in which, after defeating the guards, quite strong units of the 6th or 7th level join us. The first “Konsa” (conservatory) is often an indicator of the middle phase of the game – getting even a few angels allows you to win more difficult fights and dynamic expansion. Or simply to scare an opponent who sees in the Thieves Guild how powerful a unit we wield early in the game.

Minor, yet repeated myths

The genesis of these myths goes back to the beginning of multiplayer games in general, and most of them are either false or … out of date. A minor adjustment will be fine. Therefore:

  • Myth 1: Necropolis is banned in PvP because it’s too good.

No, the Necropolis has gone through a series of “nerfs”, the most important of which is to reduce the Necromancy skill by half. It can be played, it is still strong, but it does not “break” the game anymore.

  • Myth 2: Elemental Gates are banned in PvP.

Nor. The gates also got a lot during the balance work on the side of HOTA Crew. Players have lost easy access to improved fairies and the firebird’s resistance to fire spells.

  • Myth 3: PvP is paid.

There was some confusion here. To be able to fully play PvP with Shadow of Death through the lobby, you need to pay a monthly sum of HD-mod’s creator, Baratorch. However, PvP with the addition of Horn of the Abyss has always been, is and will be free.

  • Myth 4: PvP requires Hamachi / GameRanger / TeamViewer to be installed.

Not any more. For several years, an easy-to-use in-game lobby (free with HotA) has been operating.

  • Myth 5: A single PvP game takes many hours.

Requires a few, yes, but not as many as it used to be, thanks to the introduction of features Simultaneous Turns. As long as there is no chance for interaction between us and the opponent – we play our turns at the same time!

Templates and guides

Let’s summarize: PvP in Heroes III is completely different from what we know from casual games at home. Primarily the multiplayer game in HoMM III today means that we have to be brother with the mentioned Horn of the Abyss modification – there is no PvP scene without it. Every day, the mod is used by thousands of players from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Brazil and Vietnam. In the case of the “stand” with additions, the Blade of Armageddon and the Shadow of Death, it is … only a few dozen people.

You no longer play the so-called fixes (i.e. scenarios created in the map editor), but on random maps originally introduced by the Blade of Armageddon expansion. The most popular are: Jebus Cross and its variations (the name is not vulgar, but refers to … the series “The Simpsons”), 6lm10a, Nostalgia and mirror templates with the chief representative – h3dm1. The only more popular fix is ​​Arena (formerly called Konwentowa), otherwise it differs greatly not only from random maps, but also from other scenarios.

Over the last few years, a lot, a LOT of different types of video tutorials have been created, among which – honestly – it is difficult to find yourself. Nothing unusual. The first fan tutorial was made … in 1999, shortly after Erathia’s Rebirth. It was so good that the developers joined it to one of the first patches! Of course, a lot of water has passed in the Vistula since then, so it will be useful to select the most important materials that will show you the secrets of PvP from scratch. That is why I have prepared a kind of “Guide to guides” for you. Two are enough for today, and I will present more in the next publications.Let’s start with the absolute and purely technical basics, i.e. installing the HotA mod and using the online lobby. Fantom, commentator of the World Championships in Heroes III and one of the leading Polish streamers of this game will help with installing the add-on:

In turn, all the initial issues are explained by OrzechMC:

If you want to join the Polish Internet community – Hirawka’s Facebook groups (generally devoted to the HoMM series) and PvP-awka (section focused strictly on playing PvP) invite you. The official, trilingual Horn of the Abyss server, the Polish Behemoth Cave (and the Polish Championships) and the H3.GG server – the organizer of the World Cup and other tournaments, are intended for Discord fans.

That’s it for today and we’ll see you in future guides!

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