He’s a dark horse, but he’s not an Indian

The thumbnail speaks for itself, this magnificent automobile is none other than the new Ford Mustang dark horse, a great American sports car classic with its massive 5-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine and 500 horsepower… so it’s in its… Shares some part of the name with Indian motorcycles also known as dark horses.

It is not so common, but still there are some examples of motorcycles that share part of their names with other universes. Today, we can remember the name “Dark Horse” which naturally for us motorcycle lovers, makes us think of the Indian range. There are many Dark Horse models such as the Chief Dark Horse (our video), the Chieftain Dark Horse or the Challenger Dark Horse (tested by Motoservices). In short, it is a known suffix in the Indian language.

But for Ford USA, it will be the same for the new Mustang Dark Horse 2024, a muscle car in the American philosophy with a huge 5,000 cc naturally aspirated V8 Coyote engine, 500 horsepower and 570 Nm of torque , a nightmare on four wheels for a real Greta Thunberg… Alas, like the ecological penalty in France, we will not find one on every street corner, second-rate footballers zone and all these German compact sedans for fans of July Against of…

You should know that each manufacturer (manufacturer) registers and protects a name for a model according to a specific territory and all this at the level of the commercial register. That’s why we have Indian Dark Horse motorcycles, but also the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse, Katy Perry’s Dark Horse song, Dark Horse comic book publisher, an American Dark Horse beer and even a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon, which It has the Dark Horse logo on it. its label.

In the same way, the Renegade is not only a successful Jeep model (Fiat 500X platform), but also a small Asian engine, the UM Motorcycles Renegade. Without much interest… We really like the former Kawasaki ZXR 750 Stinger which no longer exists, but whose Stinger name lives on in sports sedans from the Korean manufacturer Kia.

Indian and Ford dark horse, but also beer, wine, a Stinger missile or a Kava sports car, even a Kia sedan…

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