He’s having a rally. Rokita is looking for a driver who has destroyed the pitch [WIDEO] Soccer ball

The situation of the A-class youth team Rokita Rokietnica has become seriously complicated. The last game of the fall round was supposed to be played on December 11, but it seems that it may not be possible.

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“We are so sorry.” The irresponsible driver destroyed the pitch of the A-class club

All because of the irresponsible Skoda driver who organized a “rally” on the Rokita pitch. He used a snow-soaked turf in this way, but unfortunately did not take into account the consequences of his behavior.

Harsh criticism against Juergen Klopp. Harsh criticism against Juergen Klopp. “Who does he think he is?”

The turf has been badly damaged and is now unsuitable for soccer. The club has already reported the matter with the appropriate service and the perpetrator of the whole event is currently being searched for. Rokita’s authorities also published a special statement on social media and a recording of the Skoda driver’s performance.

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– Dear inhabitants of the Rokietnica commune. We have a warm request to identify the Skoda driver who demolished our pitch this evening, we read in the club’s statement. – Dear driver, Your Skoda has worked beautifully in terms of traction control and ABS. You have a good car. Congratulations, you can be proud. We realize that you might not have known that a few thousand square meters in the center of Rokietnica, without a market or a block of flats, is the pitch of the municipal club. You might not have known these aluminum rectangles are soccer goals. You might not have known that our Youths will play the last league game on December 11th. You could … We are so sorry – finished.

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