Hezbollah confirms the death of its top commander Wissam Al Tawer in a suspected Israeli attack as fears grow of major conflict in Lebanon

Image Source, Hezbollah


Wissam Al Tawil (left) and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

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Hezbollah on Monday confirmed the death of Wissam al Tawil, the deputy captain of a unit within Radwan’s forces who was in charge of the group’s special operations and whose main mission was to infiltrate Israeli territory.

According to Lebanese official media reports, the vehicle in which Al Tawer was traveling was attacked by an Israeli drone in the Kibot al-Sem area of ​​the town of Bint Jubail in southern Lebanon.

The attack caused the car to veer off the road and burst into flames.

“this This is a very painful blow” a security source told Reuters.

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