Hidden features in self-checkout counters: when to use them?

Thick hats on the ears, worse mood, age – there are many reasons why we can hear worse the messages spoken by the teacher at the self-service cash registers of a popular discount chain. The first button on the left, marked with a speaker symbol, available under the touch screen at the bottom of the code reader, will help you change and conveniently do shopping. Thanks to it, we can raise the volume level at the self-service checkout. This is a convenience that will surely be appreciated by the hearing impaired.

The self-checkout suddenly reports an error? Do I need an approval from the service for the sale of alcohol? There was a problem with the deletion of the goods? In all these situations, the help of the store staff is needed. Certainly, everyone has waited long minutes for such a person at least once or wandered the store in search of employees of one of the most popular Polish discount stores. Meanwhile, such a situation can be easily avoided. One of the hidden functions in self-service checkouts is used to call the store staff. This can be done with the second button on the left marked with a triangle with an exclamation mark on the vertical glass code reader.

What else are the hidden features in self-service checkouts? The third button from the left on the self-service checkout of a popular discount store allows you to quickly and easily scan your loyalty card or its code from the smartphone screen to take advantage of the discounts.

To make sure that the scale in the self-service checkout is working properly, use the first button on the right (or fourth from the left). With it, you can deduct the weight of the package from the weight of the product. It should be used after placing the product on the scale.


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