Hidden functions in self-service checkouts in Biedronka. What are they for?

Additional functions at self-service checkouts in Biedronka. What are they for?

Regularly shopping at a discount store, you can see that self-service checkouts are very popular. Contrary to fears, it turns out that most people have no problems using this modern solution. However, not everyone knows that apart from scanning goods, weighing products and choosing a payment method, these cash registers have four additional functions. You can use them using the slightly hidden buttons on the device.

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If you haven’t heard about these additional features of self-checkout before, you may assume that you don’t need them. After all, making purchases without knowing and using them does not cause you any problems. Nevertheless, we encourage you to read them.

These buttons were not posted on the checkout for a reason. In some situations, they can make shopping easier and more efficient. So let’s know about them and use them when needed.

The buttons we are talking about are placed at the bottom, just above the scale. You can see it in the photo below.

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Hidden options at the cash desks of Biedronka

The first button (from the left) with the image of the speaker is used to increase the volume. This is a very useful feature for people with hearing difficulties. At times, device messages may be too silent. Especially in a crowded shop where we are surrounded by many other noises: conversations or sounds from the neighboring self-service checkout. Increasing the volume can make the machine easier to understand and make our purchases more efficient.

The second button (from the left) with a triangle with an exclamation mark is used to inform the staff about the problem. Usually, the use of a self-service checkout is not a problem. Remember, however, that this is only a machine that can hang. It may also happen that we enter incorrect data or, for example, delete the same product twice. Then employees should be called for help.

The third button (from the left) allows you to scan the My Biedronka card from an ordinary photo. As you can see that you need to carry it with you, all you need is a photo on your phone and the additional function of the self-checkout.

The fourth button (from the left) is used to tare the balance. It is worth pressing it before placing the goods to make sure that the products have been correctly weighed.

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