Hideo Kojima confirms work on AAA “original titles” and brand new “outrageous” productions

Kojima Productions is recruiting nearly 30 employees and Hideo Kojima is apparently ready to develop even several games simultaneously. The creator mentioned working on completely new productions.

Hideo Kojima has been working on a secret title for months and although the developer had to change some of the concept, we can be sure that his Kojima Productions is working on at least a few items.

A huge recruitment for nearly 30 positions has started on the website of the Japanese studio – Hideo Kojima is looking for character artists, screenwriters, level makers and managers. Currently, the company does not confirm what games it is working on, but among the information there is often a mention of “high-end projects”.

The team leader decided to encourage cooperation himself and confirmed – his team is currently developing several productions:

“We create AAA” original titles “and brand new” outrageous titles “.”

The news is short, but very interesting because Hideo Kojima mentions the development of “original” or “own” positions? It is very possible that the creator is not involved in the development of any known IP. The Japanese also informs about “outrageous titles” (scandalous or outrageous titles) and in this case it is difficult to really guess what the author meant.

It is worth adding that Kojima Productions has recently opened a second branch, which will be responsible for creating films, series and music.

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