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Hideo Kojima is in the midst of the development of a new game and is now starting to share gods teaser presumably dedicated to the characters of this work. After the “Who am i?” Teaser, now is the turn of “Where am i?”.

As you can see below, the image once again shows a face, with hair that would appear to be gathered at the nape of the neck or at the top of the head. The shot is very similar to the previous one: in the background we see some lights and the person in the foreground is in dim light. In this case you can see something more than the eyes and the face, while in the first shot it was all darker.

As always, Kojima is somewhat cryptic and the tweet is accompanied by the words “Who is ‘WHERE’?”, That is “Who is ‘WHERE’?”suggesting that “WHERE” could also be the name of the character or something specific, not just a generic word.

Fans believe that the first teaser hid Elle Fanning, but in this second case, at the time of writing this news, there are still no hypothesis. Hideo Kojima’s game does not yet have a face (literally) but is already causing fans to discuss.

More substantial news should arrive at a future event: the Game Awards 2022 could be the place and time chosen. What do you think?

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