High blood sugar, check your mouth: this is the first warning sign

Diabetes can lead to symptoms in the mouth that you would not suspect as well as being able to damage the entire body, resulting in various ailments and dental diseases.

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Checking the mouth can alert you to the onset of high blood sugar. In fact, one in five cases of tooth loss is related to diabetes.

High blood sugar, check your mouth

For most people with diabetes, hyperglycemia causes blood sugar levels above the following target values:

Above 130 mg / dl on an empty stomach or before meals.
Above 180 mg / dl, two hours after a meal.

There high blood sugar or hyperglycemia occurs when the amount of insulin in the blood is insufficient or ineffective. Since glucose cannot enter cells due to a lack of insulin, it accumulates in the blood and increases blood sugar levels.

Chronic hyperglycemia, even low, can lead to long-term complications such as stroke, blindness, or kidney failure.

Woman shows pain in the mouth
Woman shows pain in the mouth -LettoQuotidiano.it

The onset of hyperglycemia it is generally asymptomatic. It is therefore necessary to check your blood sugar regularly.
Symptoms of hyperglycemia include fatigue, thirst, dry mouth, profuse urination, as well as blurred vision and sudden weight loss.

Some indicators inside the mouth are able to show the presence or absence of a high blood sugar level.

Precisely for this reason it is of fundamental importance to be able to identify every alarm signal coming from our body, in order to don’t make the situation worse of our health over time.

Know the symptoms to prevent high blood sugar

Our behavior and some attitudes, such as the possibility of suffering from chronic hyperglycemia, even low, are editable.

To control this insidious pathology, following a correct diet and keeping fit, helps, as well as recognizing some signals that our body sends.

One of this is precisely often have a dry mouth or have a thicker or yellow tongue.
Also, if your mouth smells fruity it could be a symptom of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Also periodontal diseases either salivary gland dysfunction or a fungal infection are symptoms that should lead us to investigate further and let us speak to our doctor.

In this case, to control and alleviate the aforementioned ailments, it could bring some relief take small sips of water or suck on ice cubes.
Obviously it is good to limit the intake of salt and sugar and avoid taking alcohol, caffeine and tobacco.

For this it is advisable contact your doctorIt is not uncommon for you to have been suffering from type 2 diabetes for some time without knowing it.

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