High blood sugar, walk 5 minutes after lunch and see what happens: crazy research

High blood sugar, a study has shown something truly incredible: walk five minutes after having lunch, the unthinkable happens.

High blood sugar walking after lunch
Walking in the street (Photo by Fotorech for pixabay)

Glycemia is the concentration of glucose in the blood: glucose is essential for the body since it is the essential nutrient of all cells. The main source of glucose is food: the highest levels are obtained from food. However, the organism can also synthesize it. THE blood sugar levels they should be constant throughout the day: it is regulated by specific hormones. In salts subjects, the values ​​should remain between 60 and 130 mg / dl.

In fasting, values ​​between 100 and 125 mg / dl could be synonymous with a condition of impaired fasting glycaemia. Values ​​above 126 mg / dl they are considered as possible symptoms of diabetes. After having lunch, it is normal for blood sugar levels to rise and then return to normal within a few hours. A very interesting study analyzed the effects of a short walk immediately after lunch: the results are remarkable.


High blood sugar: what happens if you walk after having lunch

High blood sugar walking after lunch
Walk on the waterfront (Photo by Fotorech for Pixabay)

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According to an analysis published in Sports Medicine, the researchers measured the impacts of sitting, standing or walking on health and blood sugar levels. A light walk immediately after the meal, even a few minutes (2-5 minutes), has a big impact in lowering blood sugar levels.

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A few minutes of low-intensity walking immediately after a lunch quickly lowered blood sugar levels. As you walk, your muscles absorb excess glucose. Walking within 90 minutes of eating the meal it is very useful for reducing blood sugar spikes.

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