High gas prices and shortages in storage just before winter. Will we run out of gas?

The energy crisis in Europe continues. The problem is not only high prices of energy and energy resources, but also shrinking gas reserves. Across the EU, concerns are growing as to whether we will run out of blue fuel this winter. The largest national gas company argues that Poles have no cause for concern. However, Russian Gazprom has proved more than once that by controlling the gas supply, it can cause quite a stir on our continent.

  • Gas storage in the European market remains low
  • In EU countries, there are growing concerns about whether there will be a shortage of raw material at the peak of the heating season
  • According to experts, Polish consumers do not have to worry about gas availability in winter. How much harder does Gazprom enter the game
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The heating season has started, while the degree of filling of gas storage in the European Union is at an unprecedented level at this time of the year in the entire past decade. Bank Pekao analysts in their latest analysis explain that the turbulences in the gas market result, among others, from from extreme weather events in the first quarter of 2021, which sharply increased gas demand, also stimulated by the economic recovery. In addition, last and this year were full of unplanned production stoppages limiting the supply.

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