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Esselunga experiments with new formulas. And it starts from Milan. Today, Wednesday 26 October 2022, the group chaired by Marina Caprotti opens in via Spadari, right in front of Peck, Italian excellence. There will be a mix of high-level gastronomy with a wide selection of exclusive products and the Esselunga kitchen line, with a proposal of over 200 recipes. There is also the Elisenda pastry shop with cafeteria service. After testing

Marina Caprotti, executive president of Esselunga
Marina Caprotti, executive president of Esselunga

at Christmas 2021 a temporary store dedicated only to the Elisenda pastry shop, Esselunga returns to Via Spadari, but this time the shop will be permanent. A neighborhood shop, will bring together the best of the group’s products, in a welcoming atmosphere where the quality of the products is combined with the care of the service built around the customer.

The new formula

From large stores to supermarkets to the urban formula of LaEsse, the group is now playing on the entire keyboard of formats to meet consumers, choosing a historic Milanese street for gastronomy. The assortment ranges from the great classics of Italian regional traditions such as lasagna, cannelloni, gnocchi alla romana, pizzoccheri, eggplant parmigiana, to popular recipes from around the world including cous cous, paella, Indian samosa, hummus or burritos, passing on to proposals that combine balance and taste with vegetarian novelties, wholemeal and fiber-rich dishes, up to hot rotisserie with spit and baked products. At the deli counter, over 60 types of cheeses from the area with selected references from France, Switzerland, Holland and Greece; 50 gastronomic specialties preserved among fish products, gardener, mustards, cheese sauces, jams and fruit nectars; more than 25 types of cured meats chosen from among the most representative of the Italian charcuterie heritage.

The offer

Esselunga opens in Milan

The offer is enriched by sushi, tartare, poks, fresh bread and scones and a selection of wines to combine with purchases. The area dedicated to gastronomy leads to the space reserved for Elisenda, the Esselunga pastry shop created in collaboration with the starred restaurant Da Vittorio of the Cerea brothers. Wide variety of cakes, small pastries and desserts (tiramis, the profiterole also in the pistachio version, the zuppa inglese, and, on the occasion of the holidays, traditional desserts such as panettone and Venetian. also in the cafeteria that completes the shop with the front dehor.

Commitment to customers

Since the beginning of the year, the group has focused even more on customers. Also to protect them from the price increases of raw materials and energy, while the industry asked for other updates of the price lists. With the strategic choice of sacrificing margins rather in order to meet the more than 5.7 million customers, who have grown by another 40 thousand units since the beginning of the year. And without forgetting the 25,000 employees for whom Esselunga is preparing a program of measures for an overall economic commitment of approximately 10 million which will arrive shortly.

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