High selection rate, low winning rate

Hwei: New forces in League of Legends face challenges

Hwei, League of Legends’ newest champion, has quickly become a sensation in the gaming community. Hwei’s launch in December sparked a wave of interest, resulting in an impressive 11.7% pick rate, making him one of the most played heroes in the world. However, despite this popularity, players have struggled to effectively utilize Hwei’s unique abilities, which is reflected in his staggeringly low win rate of 41%, the lowest of all champions.

The complexity of Hwei’s capabilities

Hwei is unique in his complex equipment, with 10 abilities spread across three magic books. This requires players to make quick decisions, a challenging feat even for seasoned veterans. Abilities range from dealing damage to crowd control and even healing and protecting allies. This versatility makes Hwei a control mage capable of playing a variety of roles, but his versatility also creates a steep learning curve for players.

High pick rate, low win rate: a pattern?

This pattern of high pick rate and low win rate is not unprecedented in League of Legends. The game has seen a similar trend with the introduction of other heroes like Naferi. After her release from prison, Naferi also faced a sluggish win rate, but it eventually improved as players adapted and mastered her gameplay mechanics. Hwei’s current performance points to a similar trajectory, suggesting that players may need more time to learn and effectively utilize their abilities in different game scenarios and team compositions.

Hwei’s impact on high-end gameplay

Interestingly, Hwei’s influence is felt more strongly among higher-ranked players at Platinum and above. According to U.GG, Hwei has played more than 727,000 games, which is a testament to his popularity. The data also reveals the potential of Hwei’s abilities when used effectively. As players continue to explore and master Hwei’s potential, the game’s meta will likely continue to evolve, bringing new strategies and play styles.

It remains to be seen how Hwei’s story unfolds in the competitive world of League of Legends. One thing is clear, however: despite some initial concerns, Hwei left a significant mark on the game, changing the dynamics of team composition and strategy with his unique combination of abilities.

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