Higher fines for drivers. Senate committee to tighten penalties

Higher fines for drivers.  Senate committee to tighten penalties
Higher fines for drivers.  Senate committee to tighten penalties
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The Senate committee unanimously backed the Road Traffic Law on Friday, which tightens the penalties for road traffic offenders, and recommended introducing a few clarifying amendments to the law. The regulation provides, inter alia, increasing the maximum amount of the fine from 5,000 to 30,000 zloty.

The amendment to the Act on Road Traffic and certain other acts, which tightens the penalties for perpetrators of road traffic offenses, was passed by the Sejm at the session on October 29. 390 deputies voted for its adoption, 18 were against and 27 abstained.

On Wednesday, the bill was dealt with by the Senate’s infrastructure committee, and on Friday – by the human rights, rule of law and petitions committee. The deputies supported the introduction of a few clarifying amendments to the act. The required majority was not obtained by the amendment of senator Krzysztof Kwiatkowski (unanimous), who wanted the fines to go to local government budgets in certain cases. The vote also lost the change according to which the act would not mention exceeding the speed limit by 30 km / h, and “50 percent of the speed limit”.

“We approached the project very prudently, which is why we adopted this uniform speed – more than 30 km / h, regardless of whether it is a built-up or undeveloped area” – explained Rafał Weber, deputy head of the Ministry of Infrastructure, who was present at the meeting. As he emphasized, the point was that the driver would not have to constantly think about what regulations apply to him at the moment.

Earlier, Weber emphasized that the act was to have a preventive effect, but definitely in relation to those who break the law. “The Act rewards drivers who drive safely and legally, for example through lower vehicle liability insurance rates, and on the other hand, it increases fines for the most dangerous road offenses – those that result in loss of health and even life of road users” – he said .

The regulation increases the maximum amount of the fine from 5,000 to 30,000. PLN and increases the amount of the fine that can be imposed in the ticket proceedings. Pursuant to the provisions, obtaining a pension will be improved, which is paid to the relatives of the victim of a road accident by the perpetrator of an intentional crime with a fatal result.

Punishes a fine from 1 thousand. PLN up to 30 thousand. PLN will be subject to a person driving a motor vehicle who does not comply with the prohibition of overtaking specified by the act or a road sign. Another article provides for a penalty of arrest, restriction of liberty or a fine from 1,000 PLN up to 30 thousand. PLN for the perpetrator who drove a vehicle on a public road, residential zone and traffic zone without the required authorization. The same penalty will apply to driving a vehicle without it being allowed to drive.

In the course of legislative work, to the catalog of offenses threatened with a fine of up to 30,000 PLN, an offense consisting in failure to indicate, at the request of an authorized body, who was entrusted with driving the vehicle at a specified time, was added.

The fine is not lower than PLN 3,000. PLN will, for example, be provided for failure to exercise due care or causing a hazard by a perpetrator who is under the influence of alcohol.

The same fine will be imposed for failure to give way to pedestrians, failure to stop the vehicle to enable a disabled person to cross the road, using a special sign or a person with visible reduced mobility, overtaking a vehicle at a pedestrian crossing where traffic is not being routed or immediately in front of this crossing , bypassing a vehicle going in the same direction, which stopped in order to give way to a pedestrian, and a violation of the ban on driving on the sidewalk or pedestrian crossing by the perpetrator who, in the two years prior to the commission of the act, had already been legally convicted of certain offenses.

After the changes for violating road traffic regulations, the driver will be able to get up to 15 penalty points, currently the maximum number of points for some offenses is 10. The change is also the abolition of training, after which the number of points received by the driver was reduced.

A mechanism will also be introduced which will make the removal of penalty points for violation of road traffic regulations conditional on the settlement of the fine. Additionally, points will be canceled only after 2 years from the date of payment of the fine.

The regulation also establishes the minimum amount of a fine of PLN 800 for the perpetrator driving a motor vehicle that exceeds the speed limit by more than 30 km / h, regardless of whether the violation was found in a built-up area or outside it.

Joanna Sekuła (KO) was appointed the rapporteur of the committee. The Senate will deal with the bill in a plenary session starting next Wednesday.

author: Sonia Otfinowska


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