Higher prices for the A2 motorway. The owners blame the inflation. GDDKiA: the increase in rates is unjustified

December saw the highest inflation in two decades in Poland (8.6 per cent), and virtually everything we buy or use every day is more expensive. The increases, of course, also apply to drivers who pay more, among others for car parts, various types of services and repairs. Not to mention the prices of new and used cars, which have been rising steadily for many months.

More expensive A2 crossing

Drivers who use Autostrada Wielkopolska, part of A2, also pay more. At least in the Nowy Tomyśl – Konin section, because this is where investors are raising the fees. The new higher prices are valid from January 10, 2022 from 6 and amount to 50 groszy for each kilometer of the road. The rate for each of the three 50 km sections of the motorway between Nowy Tomyśl and Konin is therefore as follows:

  • PLN 25 – category 1 (motorcycles and passenger vehicles with two axles);
  • PLN 37 – category 2 (two-axle vehicles, at least one of which is equipped with twin wheels, as well as motorcycles and two-axle vehicles with trailers);
  • PLN 57 – category 3 (three-axle vehicles and two-axle vehicles, at least one of which is equipped with twin wheels with trailers);
  • PLN 87 – category 4 (motor vehicles with more than three axles and motor vehicles with three axles with trailers);
  • PLN 250 – category 5 (oversize vehicles)

Therefore, after the changes, we will pay PLN 75 (previously PLN 69) for the journey by motorcycle or passenger car (category 1). In the case of the other categories, it is a bit more expensive. Small trucks (category 2) will pay PLN 111, larger (category 3) PLN 171, and the so-called trucks (category 4) 261 PLN. You can calculate the rates for other sections yourself on the investors’ website.

The good news is that the second section of the A2 motorway, ie Świecko – Nowy Tomyśl, will not become more expensive. Here we will still pay PLN 0.20 per kilometer, so the journey on this section costs PLN 18. Driving the entire length of the A2 motorway, managed by the private companies Autostrada Wielkopolska SA and Autostrada Wielkopolska II SA, costs 93 PLN from Monday.

More news for drivers can be found at Gazeta.pl

Where do the higher prices come from? Because everything is more expensive

The motorway owners explain that the increase in tolls on the Nowy Tomyśl – Konin section is the result of galloping inflation, which drives the price increase and, consequently, increases the road maintenance costs that companies have to face. In addition, the costs of both ongoing and planned investments as well as loan servicing are also growing.

“Prices in transport grew at a double-digit pace, and their increase exceeded 24 percent. In addition, the producer price index has been growing continuously for 14 months in all sections of the industry and reached the level of 13.2 percent y / y in November – the highest in 10 years” – they explain owners in communication. What’s more – unlike public highways – tolls on the concession motorways on the Vistula are also subject to VAT in the amount of 23%.

On Monday, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways responded to the message. She stated that the increases are unjustified and may lead to a shift of some traffic to alternative roads. “In the opinion of GDDKiA, the increase in toll rates is unjustified and directly hitting drivers and road transport,” the office noted in a statement. GDDKiA praised the fact that the prices for using public highways have not changed for many years (they are set by the regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of April 2012).

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