Hilarious! Remember the Brazilian celebrities who became memes on the internet

Brazil is known for being a meme factory, even Brazilian personalities become an international success because of this. Remember the celebrities that yielded hilarious memes that are still used on the Internet today:

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The singer and “queen of the roll” Gretchen, is also known as the “queen of memes” and her videos have always turned into hilarious gifs on social media.

Joelma is a singer, dancer and choreographer, this scene in which she changes her expression quickly yielded many memes with creative captions on Twitter.

The singer Inês Brasil was successful with some of her songs that became a meme on the internet, but she also makes videos and lives that explode in the networks.

Renata Sorrah

Actress Renata Sorrah became very famous when she played the character Nazaré Tadesco, in the Rede Globo soap opera. Lady of destination. Many scenes went viral, but mainly the meme of her confused doing mathematical calculation.

This couple was a fictional story created by fans, that presenter Faustão and singer Selena Gomez would be dating. The situation is a joke to this day in web.

Cardi B

At the beginning of the pandemic of Covid-19, Rapper Cardi B made a video warning her fans, but her “Corona Vairus” accent became a joke on the internet.

Gloria Pires

In the year 2016 Gloria Pires was invited to participate in the Oscars, but she did not know how to answer the questions asked by the presenters until, in a question, she answered with the famous phrase: “I am not able to give an opinion!”.

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