Hilary Swank pregnant: expecting 2 twins at 48

Lto greater joy for Hilary Swank arrives at 48 and in double mode. The Oscar-winning actress she is pregnant: she is expecting twins from her husband, the entrepreneur Philip Schneider married in 2018. For her this is her first maternity leave and she doesn’t mince words to describe it: «A miracle».

Hilary Swank is pregnant with twins

It was the same actress who made the announcement of the expectation on TV. “It’s something I’ve been wanting for a long time: I’m going to be a mom. And not just one, but two. I can not believe itHe said to Good Morning AmericaProgram of Abc.

The star of Million Dollar Baby she is in the second trimester of pregnancy and explained that she is fine and feeling great. And now she too is ready to talk about it: «It’s so nice to be able to talk about it and share this news. It is such a blessing. A true miracle. It’s incredible“.

The social post

Then, immediately after the broadcast, the movie star shared the news of the pregnancy with her parents as well 1.1 million followers.

Coming soon»He wrote putting himself in profile and showing his belly already evident. He then explained that the upcoming novelty is the “double»: She is expecting twins. Immediate reaction from fans and friends of the star system who immediately congratulated the new mother.

“What, what, what … Congratulations my friend,” she has written Kate Hudson. “I’m so happy for you,” the words of Sharon Stone. And then Debra Messing, Emmy Rossum and many other stars, all huddled around the actress in a virtual embrace of happiness.

Love with Philip Schneider

Hilary Swank and Philip Schneider have been a steady couple since 2016. When he proposed to marry him, “We came across a beautiful sanctuary in the mountains,” the actress recalled.

“There was a beautiful waterfall and wonderful pine trees. One evening, Philip got down on his knees in front of the waterfall and asked me to marry him. But first he made sure my dogs were nearby so they could testify! ‘ The two got married in 2018 with a bucolic ceremony in the woods.

Mothers over 40: from Naomi Campbell to Gianna Nannini, motherhood after the doors

Mothers over 40: from Naomi Campbell to Gianna Nannini, motherhood after the doors

The distance from the set

The actress moved away from the set and from acting for some time. She chose to be next to her father, with whom she had a very deep relationship, after a lung transplant.

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At the beginning of the year, after an absence also from social networks, he told on Instagram that “my dear dad passed over to the other side in October“. But in the time we spent together “It helped me better understand the circle of life, where we come from and where we come back“. And this pregnancy is probably also the result of that period in which she grasped “the deepest meaning of life”.


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