hiring for Consultants with a diploma or degree

Intesa Sanpaolo selects personnel for new hires on the whole National territory.

The well-known banking institute is looking for consultants, with a diploma or degree, even without experience. The selections are open.

Here’s what to know about the new Intesa Sanpaolo jobs to fill and how to apply.


The Intesa Sanpaolo bank select new resources for recruitment at branches distributed throughout the national territory. Present in Italy with approximately 3700 active branches, the well-known banking group intends to strengthen its network of collaborators by introducing new Financial Advisors.

The research, which is aimed at profiles with and without experience, is most likely part of the 2022 – 2025 Business Plan that the Group is carrying out in our country. It is a growth program that aims to achieve 12,600 insertions and redevelopments of personnel over the four-year period. For all the details on Intesa Sanpaolo’s development plan, you can read this in-depth analysis.

Intesa Sanpaolo jobs for Financial Advisors are intended for people with a diploma or degree. Recruitments will be made with mixed contract for expert Consultants, or in any case in possession of OCF qualification, while they will take place following a specific course of internship for younger and inexperienced resources.


In detail, the Intesa Sanpaolo hires are aimed at the following figures:

  • Neo Financial Advisors – the selection is open to young people between the ages of 19 and 32, to be inserted through an internship lasting 6 months, preparatory to obtaining the qualification as a Financial Advisor and hiring in the bank. It is required to have a three-year or master’s degree in economic-financial and political-legal fields or, alternatively, a five-year high school diploma (classical, scientific, linguistic, socio / economic) or technical-commercial.

  • Senior Financial Advisors – to apply, it is necessary to be registered in the OCF Register to work as a financial consultant on an off-site offer. It is also necessary to have a degree (three-year or master’s degree) or a diploma and have many years of experience in the consultancy field with solid relationships built with its customers (at least 3/5 years in the role with related MIFID certifications).

  • Financial Advisors with OCF qualification – the position is open to resources aged between 21 and 32 and with at least 9 months of advice, certified for MIFID purposes, gained in the field of investment products. In addition, aspiring Advisors must have passed the OCF exam to exercise the role of financial advisor. The possession of a bachelor’s or master’s degree in economic-financial and political-legal fields is also required, or a high school diploma (classical, scientific, linguistic, economic / social) or technical-commercial.


The new hiring of Consultants in Intesa Sanpaolo will take place following a selection process divided into several phases. In particular, the selection process includes CV screening, telephone interviews and interviews aimed at assessing the transversal and technical skills possessed by candidates.


The Senior Financial Advisors with OCF qualification will be hired by Intesa Sanpaolo through mixed employment contract. Specifically, this contractual formula provides:

  • permanent contract (vertical part time and salary regulated by the CCNL Credit), with the role of branch manager, for 2 days a week;
  • I work as a single-firm Financial Advisor a VAT numberwith dedicated and rewarding remuneration linked to the profitability of the managed portfolio, for the remaining 3 days of the week.

Instead, the position of Neo Financial Advisors, reserved for young people aged 19-32, provides for a internship contract lasting 6 months. During the internship, the bank will help young people prepare to take the professional qualification exam. Once the internship has been completed and the qualification acquired, it will also offer these resources the possibility of hiring through a mixed contract.

Furthermore, all Intesa Sanpaolo employment contracts for Consultants allow full access to the system of benefit for the staff of the banking group, including Pension Fund, Health Care and Special Conditions.


Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the main Italian and European banking groups. It was founded in 2007, from the merger of Banca Intesa and Sanpaolo IMI, and in 2020 it acquired UBI Banca, then merged by incorporation in 2021. Today, the bank operates throughout the country, with 3684 branches distributed in all regions of the country , and also abroad, where it has about 1000 branches active in Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Africa. Specialized in all activities of the banking segment, such as corporate, retail and wealth managementoffers its services to approximately 13 million customers.


Those interested in the new Intesa Sanpaolo recruitments for Consultants can visit the page dedicated to careers (Work with us) on the bank’s website. From here it is possible to view the current open positions at the bank and apply by filling out the appropriate online form for submitting the CV.

The Banking Group is also looking for other figures for job opportunities on-site or at branches and branches, and young people to be placed on internships. To know all selections in progress Intesa Sanpaolo, we invite you to read this in-depth analysis.

Also, if you wish to find out other interesting opportunities of employment, you can consult our section reserved for hiring companies.

All published job advertisements are addressed indiscriminately to candidates of both sexes, in full compliance with Law 903/1977.

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